How to play

Use shield:
Spacebar or click

The bar at the bottom of the screen show how much CONTROL you have left;

When Out of Control you will not be able to decide where your player moves, but enemies will still attack you, use  shields at the right time to survive until you have control again!

Find the exit to win!

A shield lasts for about 3 seconds, didn't   have time to make a UI for this

Control is a limited resource! When you run out, you'll be out of control!

If I had more time it would have been more like a metroidvania or roguelike, but for now it's just one very hard level :)

Yes, another game named "Out of Control". Will probably change the name  to something better once the jam is over, follow if you want to keep up with it since you may not find it again by this name!

Submission to the GMTK Game Jam 2020


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Good job! Taking the name literally seems to work.

Some issues as always though. The map is a bit of a maze, and this stops good puzzling decisions. This sort of idea would make a great puzzle game, but not a great action game.

But that's all I can really say, great job at doing what you or your team did. Good job, this game could easily be in the top 1000 games!


Thanks! Yeah I agree, that was my plan but run out of time :P